Glocal Information Platform


To contribute to the resolution at a global scale of problems brought about by social development in the 20th century, we will disseminate the results of our transdisciplinary research to stakeholders around the world as a humanosphere initiative originated by Japan and ASEAN countries, and further reinforce it as a model of pluralistic coexistence to be shared by 21st century human society by proactively using and applying information in cyber space that can be exchanged via ICT and used to cross-reference and cross-verify the humanosphere in different regions of the world.





ASEAN Research Platform


To advance transdisciplinary research that integrates academic, governmental, and civil societies in a coordinated manner, we will create a collaborative research scheme that brings together the expertise of scholars on Southeast Asia, scientists and engineers, and the Japanese and ASEAN political and business communities.





Transdisciplinary Humanosphere Research


To nurture the next-generation of trans and interdisciplinary researchers, we will recruit excellent young researchers from Japan and around the world, with particular emphasis on Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and promote the “brain circulation” of younger researchers by encouraging their participation in transdisciplinary humanosphere research, advancement of their own research agenda, and the planning and organizing of international workshops.