ASEAN Research Platform

To advance transdisciplinary research that integrates academic, governmental, and civil societies in a coordinated manner, we will create a collaborative research scheme that brings together the expertise of scholars on Southeast Asia, scientists and engineers, and the Japanese and ASEAN political and business communities.

This research platform emphasizes the establishment of new relationships, especially between Japan and Southeast Asia. Our primary objective is to firstly extract project-based or problem-solving “wisdom” from local realities. While taking full note that before applying a paradigm originating in the northern hemisphere to the south, we should prioritize local realities and focus on the production of new knowledge by learning from local researchers and practitioners on the basis of an equal partnership.

We are currently promoting two programs in the aim to build a collaborative research system.

1. Next-generation Formation Program
We will select excellent young researchers through an international open recruitment aiming at nurturing the next generation for trans and interdisciplinary research. Based on the young researchers’ own initiatives through participation in transdisciplinary humanosphere research, we will encourage them to advance their own research agendas as well as to plan and organize international workshops

2. ASEAN Local Initiative
We will support visits to Kyoto and collaborative research involving CSEAS staff with ASEAN researchers, NGOs, members of the business community, and administrative personnel. We ask that program participants conduct humanosphere research on their own initiative for a period of two years. In the first academic year, the researcher will be asked to bring the adopted research proposal to Kyoto for a brief visit to engage in exchanges with CSEAS and Kyoto University staff for capacity building and to conduct library research. At the end of the second year, when the research has been completed, we ask that the researcher present the findings at a joint seminar to be held in Kyoto and submit a draft paper (either by a single author or as a co-authored international paper).