ASEAN Research Platform Working Paper Series Guidelines

Guidelines for Authors


  1. CSEAS Faculty or members of ASEAN Research Platform are welcome to submit your papers.
  2. Those who are not afilliated with CSEAS must obtain approval from CSEAS faculty to submit your papers.
  3. Format should follow our basic style (see separate guideline).


Any contents related to research activities within ASEAN Research Platform are acceptable.


Any language is acceptable. In case of languages other than English, please include an English language abstract.

Where to submit

Please submit a completed paper according to the guidelines (either word-file for PDF file) to the following address:



On receiving your submission, we will attach a series number, cover page with title, and upload it on our website. Each author is responsible for the contents, editing and budget in each production. Printing and the final production of the PDF file should be done by yourself. Normally, we don’t attach an ISBN number upon request.

Uploading on web

The PDF file will be uploaded on the ARP webpage with the series number, author name(s), title, year and month of publication. Your paper will also be uploaded on the Kyoto University repository KURENAI. If at any later date you wish to have a paper withdrawn from the web, please let us know.


The copyrights of all working papers are held by ASEAN Research Platform, Center for Southeast Asian Studies and displayed inside cover.

Duplicate submission

If you wish to submit a paper based on the same material to a journal or any form of publication, it is up to the author, following the relevant regulations of the publication.

Format and style

Please follow the following format and style.

  1. Page format
    Use A4 size
  2. Font
    Use Times New Roman 10-12pt
  3. In case of languages other than English, please include an English language tytle, authors’ name/affiliation in the Roman alphabet, English language abstract. Figures, charts and photographs must all be printable. The author can decide either to place them in the main AAtext or all together at the end. Put captions on all.
  4. Put an asterisk (or double asterisk if you have an asterisk on the title) at the end of the authors’ names, for a AAfootnote indicating affiliation, position and contact (e-mail address).