QWhen can applicants expect to receive results?
A A letter will be sent to successful applicants toward the end of September 2017.
QDo applicants need to find a host professor from CSEAS before applying?
ABefore submission, it is not necessary to find a host professor from CSEAS. However, you should familiarize yourself with the work of professors at CSEAS and potentially get in touch with some of them with whom you would like to work.
QI have submitted my PhD thesis and still waiting for evaluation. Am I eligible to apply for this fellowship?
AWe can accept applications from those who do not have a have a certification of PhD as of January 2018, the starting date of employment. However, we have a preference for applicants who will have their PhD before the start of the fellowship. If you have not received your PhD by the time of application please explain when you expect to receive it.
QMy field is not listed in the application website. Am I eligible to apply for this fellowship?
AOur program aims to develop ‘transdisciplinary studies’ and thus we are open to applicants from a wide variety of disciplines. However, if your field is not listed on the website, please explain how it is related.
QIs it possible to apply via email or post, instead of online?
ANormally, it is not possible. However, if you have any special circumstances, please make sure to contact the committee at in advance to obtain approval.