MIENO, Fumiharu

Center for Southeast Asian Studies Professor

Research interests

Creation of an ASEAN-4 financial system
Macro-economy and economic reform in Thailand and Myanmar
Financial accessibility and financial inclusion in Indochina

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Research overview

With regard to the structure of an ASEAN-4 financial system, I have pointed out the lack of capital demand in the market and the “decoupling of the real economy and the financial market” based on a survey of long-term macro financial statistics for Thailand and Myanmar after the war and analysis of the corporate financial structure since the 1990s. A single-author book published in the winter of 2015 summarizing research in this area received the Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Foundation Award. I have begun to extend the analyses in each chapter of this book to include the most recent data with the goal of publishing it as a paper in an English-language journal. Related research was presented at the Singapore Economic Review Conference held in August, 2015 as well as numerous invited lectures and seminars. With regard to research on economic reform in Myanmar, for several years starting in 2012, I conducted surveys of the banking sector and put on numerous small-scale workshops as part of a policy research program jointly sponsored by JICA and the Myanmar Development Institute and summarized the results of this research in a final report published in the fall of 2015. The results of related research on the Myanmar economy have been presented in Myanmar in the 21st Century: An Economy in Transition (Konosuke Odaka ed., Springer), a contribution to a textbook on the Asian Economy from Bunshindo Publishing, as well as conferences at London University and Kyoto University. With regard to financial accessibility and financial inclusion, in addition to summarizing research on credit associations in Laos, I have begun to explore methodologies to examine whether or not novel financial technologies and methods for analyzing big data can be applied in this area.