International Works hop “Comparative Framework for Understanding Peatlands Societies”

Dates: May 16th (Wed) 2-5pm
Venue: Inamori Foundation Memorial Hall 2F, 201 46
Yoshida-Shimoadachi, Sakyo, Kyoto

14:00 Opening Remarks Dr Noboru Ishikawa, Dr Daisuke Naito
14:10 Special talk by Dr Christine Padoch
“Fires in Peatlands: Understanding and Modeling the Roles of
Climatic, Social, Demographic, and Land Use Change”
15:00 Peru peatlands case: Dr Wil de Jong
15:30 Borneo peatlands case Dr Daisuke Naito
16:00 Discussion on comparative framework on global comparative study

Organized by Tropical Peatland Society Project, RIHN Asean Research
Platform, CSEAS, Kyoto, and CIFOR