日時: 2018年4月6日(金) 16:30-17:30
場所: 京都大学東南アジア地域研究研究所 東南亭 (稲盛財団記念館2階・201)

報告者: Dr. Ulrich Volz (Economic Division, SOAS, University of London)
論題: “Fostering Green Finance for Sustainable Development in Asia”

Aligning the financial sector with sustainable development is key to achieving green transformation in Asia. Placing the Asian economies onto a sustainable development pathway requires an unprecedented shift in investment away from greenhouse gas, fossil fuel, and natural resource intensive industries towards more resource efficient technologies and business models. The financial sector will have to play a central role in this ‘green transformation’. This study discusses the need for greening the financial system and the role of financial governance. It reviews the state of green lending and investment in Asia and provides an overview of green financial governance initiatives across Asia. It also identifies market innovations to increase green finance in Asia, barriers to green investments, and financial policy and highlights priority areas for policy makers.

Organized by
ASEAN Research Platform Seminar, jointed with Asian Economic Development Seminar

Contact: Fumiharu Mieno (CSEAS), fmieno[at]